The Nanoxmas tree is a pretty exciting project. It has been designed to showcase how simple and fast it is to send Nano (a digital currency) from one account to another. When you send even a tiny amount of Nano from anywhere in the world to our donation account, the tree detects the deposit and reacts instantly. We hope this showcases how flexible Nano can be and demonstrates just one of the great things Nano can do that traditional money cant; respond instantly to a donation with an event.



We would like to express HUGE thanks to the Pixel Bar, Leeds for giving us a place to put our tree. The Pixel Bar is the only esports themed cocktail bar in Leeds to offer a full gaming experience. Each week offers different tournaments and there are some great offers for group bookings and students. Check them out and go visit our tree! We'd also like to offer extra special thanks to Ryan, for being overwhelmingly helpful and tolerant of us as we set up the project!



The Nano Center is a voluntary community group which focuses their time building new resources based on the digital currency Nano. Our projects range from supporting disadvantaged countries to showcasing exciting new tech.



Nano is a digital currency. Nano shares many features with Bitcoin, probably the most famous digital currency, but Nano also has some amazing features of its own. Nano is totally feeless, which means that every Nano you send is received with no processing fees at all. This allows you to send any amount of money, even a fraction of a penny and the total amount will be received. The transfer is also close to instant, and unlike many currency structures, has an incredibly light environmental footprint. Digital money for the modern world!



All the proceeds from the Nanoxmas tree event will be donated to Simon on the Streets. Simon on the Streets offers street-based support for the homeless and those in need. Their team work across Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield providing front-line emotional and practical support for those who need it.